Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Scenes only Survivors of Tutor Time can appreciate...

dance dance by Alicia (sorry, she's horizontal)

These are for your entertainment mel (the 4yrd olds)

Songs by emily & tyler

Qui Que (Cassanova) & Mary

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Last Word of a Bluebird- Frost

As told to me by a rather spunky squirrel....
"As I went out a Crow
In a low voice said 'Oh,
I was looking for you.
How do you do?
I just came to tell you
To tell Leslie (will you?)
That her litte Bluebird
Wanted me to bring word
That the north wind last night
That made the stars bright
And made ice no the trough
Almost made him cough
His tail feathers off.
He just had to fly!
But he sent her Good-bye,
And said to be good,
And wear her red hood,
And look for skunk tracks
In the snow with an axe-
And do everything!
And perhaps in the spring
He would come back and sing'.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year Baby

Mama's birthday is on december 31st. i'm proud to say she turned 59? i think. i'm pretty sure. that's been a perpetual glitch in my development since preschool- never knowing my parent's age or where daddy works...

.An english breakfast. Unceasingly adored.
It was the last day the light rail ran for free. we zipped downtown for lunch at Sam's. Sugar pepper chips and tortilla soup hit the spot. and for desert: i typically loathe white chocolate, but wrap up a frozen stick of it in a corn husk...... how could I refuse the experience.
Appalled they had to stand and expose their underarms.
the majority of phoenicians are still scratching their heads whenever 'public transportation' is mentioned. what a funny word.