Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lightning Bolt Colt

my sister has the quirkiest, cutest kids. Colt, the boy, turned one, so we thought we would try to capture him. We only had a prime lense for a net, and this guy is constantly kinetic. the next morning i felt like i hiked a mountain.

his older sibling, isla. best buds.

this is the face that ender is making a lot these days.

Monday, February 27, 2012

*yellow suits our summers and our fair haired boy

when i was little i never had the jaw stamina to chew carrots all the way and the fibrous half masticated veggie flesh would get stuck in my throat. not a pleasant experience. was i the only one? embarrassingly this might be so. needless to say, i hate carrots. until i discovered the sunny side of life! glazing is amazing! honey, chicken broth and other sorts of spices. mmmm

Thursday, February 23, 2012

once again at one of my favorite stores, "The Antique Trove", ender and i found this beautiful red velvet dress. after convincing myself that i could not fit into it, i remembered a little girl who was just born and one of her name's is rose. now thats a fit! and she lives in a place thats green, really green, well much greener then my beloved desert. i couldn't resist the color palate of this dress and her environment.
this is also i book about sleep, opened to one of the best illustrations, that i sent with the dress. one should never underestimate the art of slumber. all you parents and aunt aricas know whats up.

*Its Time to Sleep, My Love - eric mataxes & ill. nancy tillman

Friday, February 17, 2012

a different kind of difficult

all the jobs i've had, i could do them because there was a light at the end of the tunnel- money, respect, experienced gained and so on. i would push through a long day because i knew my mummy would have dinner ready for me, or my room would still be there, my sanctuary from the storm. i also had the freedom of quitting at a whim.

the position of ender's mama is one of extraordinary endurance and work ethic. i am terribly weak in both. and if you look at motherhood as a job, and you can, and i will for today, it is the hardest work i've ever had to face day in and day out. Inmature leslie would be asking around for a new position already or deciding to go back to school on her parent's dime, ha! Its true. Yet, for the first time in my life I am doing a job and still reaping bountiful rewards by putting another person before me. Imagine that! 24/7 folks. the life i live is supernatural now. it was before, it could have been, but God used ender to have me see beyond the material.

this is ender's world view

he owns it

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

was and is

once a year, i take zander to buffalo exchange to buy his shirts and pants, this last year i found this very sweet, silk garden dress. (vintage of course!) i immediately imagined myself twirling on a rooftop garden, but when I went to try it on, wowza! this number was tailored for a wasp. no amount of inhaling would make the zipper ascend into its perfect place. blast! but i could not leave it in the store. it had to belong to someone and that someone had to be katie.

zander's aunt helped me turn another unwearable garment into a classy high waisted skirt :) This is one of my favorite projects to do. I just need to become completely independent.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

the humming trees

with no breeze in the air, these trees are the only one's moving....a slight quiver

curious, you creep closer.

a droning

and closer

a frenzy of flitting, fleeting, flocking bees.

brief and to the point with each blossom.

which reminds me.... bee pollen! granules gleaned as the flying foragers go about pollinating the desert. sweet and powerfully healthy, especially in the sonoran desert where its a smorgasbord of blossoms for months on end. enjoy it in milkshakes, salads, cereals or like me, just pop a pinch in your mouth and let it melt.

*Note: the above photo of the tree is an ornamental pear tree. When the blossoms fall, it snows in the desert.