Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Safety First!


I couldn't resist this sequence of pictures.  Old man ender.  Even thought its blistering hot outside, at the end of the day zander works in the yard and I force ender out there with him.  This kid has dropped his nap.  He will sleep, perhaps, once a week for a solid 3 hours, like the good o'l days.  So, unapologetically, I'm eager to kick his tush out the door and put him to "work".   
Meanwhile, our most precious of all slugs rocks gently in the hammock.  Who is she?  Zander describes her as an essence, a presence, a spirit child.   She 14.6 pounds of a spring breeze.  Was her labor and birth an illusion?  A ploy the heavenly hosts used to sneak her in among the humans? Perhaps.  The fact that her farts really really stink, that she smells like cheese and that she sports a goopy left eye is all a disguise, I'm sure of it.  Zander & I are so blessed to be hosting a baby angel in our home. 

*Now, no one snicker or roll their eyes at us when she throws her first temper tantrum and refuses to eat the goodness on her dinner plate or bites her brother... we're enjoying our moment :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

adventure follows me home

 She is always so pleased to see him.  always.

 Fishing.  This is the bliss before the fall.  Ender was there high upon a rock one second, and the next he was down below flailing with the fishes.  I screamed hysterically and zander silently swooped in and pulled him out.  I guess it wasn't that big of a deal, but it could have been.  A cracked skull or too much water in the lungs.  Honest, though, when I looked down from the heights to see "what on earth happened to the boy?!", he was swimming-ish.  Keeping his head above water, but that's not the point.  I overestimated his cautious personality and took my eyes off of him to dote upon his cooing sister. 


Zander rigged up one of his classic ravine rope swings.  First, Ender was on Zander's back, but then we set him sailing solo.  He got a big kick out of it.  Its been so long since I had this type of adrenalin rush, so it was good for me.  Zander had to "nudge" me off the boulder, though.  He also "nudged" his dad too.  Ornery fellow that zander. 
Well, the pictures might not denote this, but the drop to the ground was plunging!  It took your stomach with you.

Its a bummer to leave vacation.  But I realize, that zander comes home with me.  And it is really him who draws out the magic and fun wherever we go anyhow.  This might be a little much, but humor me.  Its like, in the wake of his presence a portal to a better world is exposed and made passable.  What is interesting about it is that he is pretty much in this constant state.  Passionate people tend to have their dramatic ups and downs, but zander's passion is homeostatic, his internal environment is kept very stable.  Its incredible. 

*But just note: perfections is not his.  Its God's.  And zander has not yet arrived.   :) 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Deeper into Junipine we go

This trip was all about the boys.  I found my satisfaction through them.  Usually, I can scamper off on my own or with just ender, but behind the scenes I have the sweetest little toad that needs me very much right now. 
Here she is.  She ravaged me by night and healed me by day. (terrible night sleeper!- we are in the midst of remedying it) We had somewhat of a mini family reunion and while the cousins had free will to adventure on together, I wore the mantle of guardian to the little girl.  I had to swallow my selfishness and carry on. 
One bright morning, I strapped her to me and we went gathering for wildflowers and creek stones.  Her hands grasped at anything; she was eager to hold the world.  Overhanging branches, blades of grass, buzzing insects, she reached for them all.  She tried grasping for a slender sunbeam, but it slipped through her pudgy fingers and lighted upon her lips and so she smiles.  She smiles all day long.  My sweet cheesecake.  Her warmth is infectious and she soothes my aching soul.  I never dreamed a baby, my baby, could do this for me.  Shes a dream. 
So for now, my journey has come to a quiet pond.   Its here I am still with my babies.  There will come a time (a time that is speeding like a freight train towards me) where I will have to leave this place and no amount of "freedom" will compare.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013




Emerald cathedrals and sandstone turrets, our palace. 
I have experienced this place as a youth and was in wonder at its quiet mystery.   Stories plain as day written on the rocks, laughing in the creek, singing through the canyon walls; a language  you could only slightly, possibly perceive with your spirit. 
Our children's existence has moved a part of us to the past.  Our history is coexisting with the timelessness of this place now.  Its becoming our children's time to be young in the old place.

*So, these are the only photos I have of our trip.  Don't freak out Zander, if you're reading this!  I think you could fix the problem:)  Because I see our photos one moment and then the next they vanish! 
Meanwhile.....our Leimgruber cousins!  These darling twins embraced Ender like a third brother.  Their missing triplet.  More photos of these boys to come, hopefully....


Monday, July 01, 2013

Ender's Ensemble

His budding imagination often includes a sword and "pirate" hat.  Recently he has commandeered the lid to a trash can for his Goliath shield.  "I Goliath!  I fight you David!"  I am hoping its just a phase.  Or an avenue to channel his fear of Goliath: become your worst enemy and so conquer your fear...?  Hmm.