Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Brace yourself, this is a Lord of the Rings geek rant

During Christmas break its tradition to go through the film trilogy Lord if the Rings with the kids.  Ender repeatedly asks "who am I?" 
And repeatedly we tell him "Oh you are Legolas for sure, Ender" 
"Why?"  He smiles and wants to know, again.
"You would be from the line of Elves.  Beautiful, strong, clear blue eyes that can perceive beyond the horizon of this world (and Crebain, the spies of Suruman and orc scouts of course)  Your hand eye coordination is worthy to wield an elivsh bow and arrow".
Satisfied.  He moves to the next question with a sly smile
"And who is Cora?"  Before we can tell him he offers up a name, "GIMLI!"  Now what little bird put that ornery thought in his head?  Zander is on the couch snickering.  Well, sure she is stout, hardy, unafraid, a comic relief, lover of jewels, however, as her mother I must put my foot down on this one and say "Absolutely not!  My lady lynn is not a dwarf"  But who is she then?  Much like in life, she's a tricky one to categorize.  Not like we have to do that to anyone, but it is a helpful tool to construct a deeper understanding of someone. (And her parents are nerds. What are the rules for that anyway?  Are we "cool" nerds or just "nerd nerds.  Don't answer that.)  Now, she's short with curly hair like a hobbit with a knack for adventure.  Then I got to thinking "What if she is a mixed line, like between dwarf and elf!"  Then I remembered Peter Jackson's atrocity in The Hobbit trying to force a romance between Tauriel and Kili.  I wanted to puke.  (Kate needed to get Lost, again.) Anyway, almost done here, Cora's character might be found in some more obscure tale in the books that the Hollywood creators left out of the film.  I will be re reading the books this spring.  That said.

For Christmas, my mom, brings her two darling grand kids, all the way from the shadow lands of Amazon, two rings to rule them, the pink Fire tablet and the blue one.  It can pass through Cora's hands and she only briefly makes a fuss when its time to stop playing.  But, given to the elvish boy, corruption of his tender spirit rapidly progresses.  He will fight tooth and nail to keep "my precious" in his possession. It's hysterical and um...concerning.  He made me cry once, but I couldn't tell if it was because I was laughing so hard or because I was having a nervous break down.  Apparently the soul of Sauran deals in gaming for kids.  But, nothing but a bit of dirt and sunshine can't fix and 10 burpees.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

July in the Skillet

The dirt and stench cannot mask their joy.  The summer sun cannot melt their strength.  A small back yard cannot limit their energy.   

Monday, September 18, 2017

Penumbra is still worth it

At ten o clock the night before, it just occurred to me that there was going to be a total eclipse of the sun and it's path of totality and would be gracing the beautiful states of America.  I started reading all the hype on the internet about it and got swept away real quick.  Worry set it.  Ender's school was going to keep him inside during the eclipse.  As was Cora's.  Ping pong went my thoughts.  Should I or should I not take them out of school so they could experience the event, even if it would only be partially obscured?  Am I bad mom?  It's times like these I close my eyes and pretend to have wrinkly skin and grey hair.  My elderly more cinical self laughed at my younger more uptight self.  Wait, was she laughing at me cause I worry too much and lack wisdom, just keep them in school?  Or was she laughing because I worry too much and just let 'em play hookie for crying out loud?!  I called mama.  I fretted over the phone with her.   All night I stewed.  But woke up and decided away we fly with handmade pin holes to the archery range.

There were clouds, there was heat, there was a two year old and there was, inevitably, somebody who had to poop.

So, away we went to my parent's house around the bend.

The boy creator, the girl explorer, and the baby juggernaut suffer their mama's ideas.  I dare say they love it.

The moon slipped perfectly over the sun.  The iris and the pupil, unblinking down at their inquisitive earthlings.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Thoughts on Sammy- now that he's two

Zander must have a knack for pinning the personality or the specific blessing of our children while they still live hidden in the womb.  One evening, on the bench swing, zander was mulling over our unborn Sammy.  "Who will he be to us?  Our hearts are already full with Ender (our heart) and Cora (our joy).  What more could God give?" 

That's it.  God could give more.  More of everything. More peace, more strength, more hair (on his back).   Our cup will runneth over with Sam.  Even though he comes last, he will be betwixt the two extremes, as a strong joint, connecting the trio together.

We got really excited for Sam to come at that point.

All has come to pass and more, of course :) 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

A few of my favorite birthday gifts came wrapped up in a monsoon rain. 

First thing in the morning they found a stiff gecko on our patio.  Immediately they got to work and built an extensive burial site.  It had a campfire covering, brick walls and roofing and ornamented with a large, pink quartz.  At their request I said a brief eulogy and expressed our gratitude for the gecko's tireless contribution to helping our backyard grow and be an ecologically balanced place.  After the service, they stumbled upon the "abandoned" baby gecko and built it a home.  Then they went out in the backyard killing bugs for it to eat.  I just told them to leave the bugs be and stop being helicopter parents.

Overheard breakfast conversation between the old married couple of the home....

E:  "Whats your favorite word, Cora?"

C: "Ballet!"

E: "Mine is adventure...."

C: "I mean mine is rock climbing.....and adventure!"

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The human hand print is much older in Ohio, than say, Arizona. The woods and fields are parceled into perfect squares.  Summer is a quaint, green tapestry.  I would have liked to have followed more of the threads that wove the towns and people, but  that will be for another time.  I never imagined myself wanting to return to this Midwest state when I have Iceland and Australia on my bucket list, but it's true.  America is  still a trove of treasures for even the local traveler. 

The Toth clan reunited at lodges located near Amish country.  In fact we had to drive through the homestead of an Amish family to meet at the main gathering place. Three little boys would  look and wave our way as we sped through their property.  I rolled down the windows and yelled at my kids to be nice,  smile and wave back.

One afternoon, Zander already took the car to the main lodge so I was at our cabin with no vehicle.  He also had my shoes...  Yes!  I will walk with Sam, barefoot on the dirt road, and straight through (with humble pride), the Amish farm.  Surely, they will notice my strength and ability to weather life without the comforts of technology.  Then they will invite me in and give me some jewels of wisdom.   I will be folded into their community, accepted, counted worthy of their simple life style. 

An hour and a half later... The Village soundtrack on repeat, no Amish, hot, thirsty, bruised feet, I decided to rest under the only shady tree for  a mile around and call Zander for a nice and tidy rescue.  As the line is ringing, Sam is poking at something on the ground with a stick.   "What is it boy?" 
"Ahh, ehh, umph!" He says.  I look to see the fresh remains of a large mass of roadkill.  I shudder to think that I could be stepping in some of it's post death excretions.  I inch to the very edge of our shady shared space.  Thankfully Zander answered
his phone, which is rare, but I guess more common than Amish folk taking me seriously. 

I call my friend the Woolly Mammoth.  Looking up into it's branches was dizzying.  Too bad I was trespassing, well I was just innocently chasing a rogue toddler.  I tried my very hardest not to be jealous, but to be thankful that I was even able to momentarily be under it's canopy. 

Friday, June 30, 2017

Once Upon a time we lived in Spring

"Hey Ender, remember when you named your caterpillar Pillow because he was so soft?"  I guess Cora was rummaging through her brain and found a memory from Spring. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

We all piled into daddy's new car on Christmas Eve.  I know zilch about models and makes and blah blah blah.  All I ask myself is "Does this car speak to my sentimental soul?"  And this one doesn't do it for me. However, if you talk to Zander about it, the car is very remarkable.  Previously owned by an adult nerd who works for Intel, he cared for it like I do my own babies.  Every maintainence appointment meticulously documented,  regularly bathed and cleansed, not a scratch, tear, or stain through and through.  Sadly, it has just occurred to me, he took better care of this car then I do my own kids.  We don't deserve this car, I feel sorry for it.  The first morning, I caught Cora, mindlessly, scratching it's hood with a rock she found.  And then I scraped the side view mirror pulling the recycling can out to the curb and then not to mention Gunther and his entitlement to the front seat. 
Nah, its okay, I bet the car was tired of a life inside a vacuum, now its truly living....

We drove to Wickenburg to get some pie.  I forget the name of the supposedly famous pie shack.  And, apparently, you have to order Christmas Eve pies, which we didn't, so we got someone's unwanted 3/4 scraps.  We drove all the way through the rain to get it and by golly we were going to enjoy it! 

These were the days Sam was still in the early stages of metamorphosing from angel baby to wolf cub. 

And the hassayamp river.