Desert Kingdom

The fall is here!  Its hotter than spit on blue blazes, but surely much more mild. 

All summer long our garden soil kept incubating under the 6 inches of mulch we bought from Singh Farms last spring.  So the then 6 inches of chunky desert wood mulch has turned into 5 inches of rich chocolate brown soil.  Yummy!
This year, Zander has given over the reigns to me.  It pains him to release control to a whimsy, impatient, lazy sort of a person.  But I think he will be happy with the results, considering that the beauty of the garden would be null if it wasn't for the hard work he put into rehabilitating the dirt and installing a customized drip system.  I salute you, Zander!  I will not let you down.  There might be gnomes and snail beaches here and there among the vegetables, but there will be vegetables and mulch.  And I'll fertilize and and troubleshoot.  I promise! 

I toned down my excitement in choosing which veggies to attempt.  I needed a more controlled group to observe and experiment with.  The ones that made the plot:


Thats it!  I've recorded their varieties and will collect seed on them at the end of the season.  I want to start a small personal seed library.  The baby seeds and the grand baby seeds should be more adapted to our urban climate on palm lane.  I'll use the family line instead buying another round from Home Depot.


Sweet Mint

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