Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I try to think.  Walk the trails I've been wearing down since childhood.  But it feels like someone came by and smoothed my brain across like warm butter.

Exhibit C


This might be the guy with the butter knife.
I am dumb in love.
Its hard to reason beyond the tip of his nose.  Or dream about anything other than that chin.
But, perhaps he has only whisked me away to another landscape of my mind that is unbroken, slick.  The butter knife is now carving knife, etching new pathways with in me.  We are pioneers breaking new ground.

I have abandoned temporarily the parts that have been conquered.  I can't stay.  There is more to be discovered.  Of course I'll be back.  I need to vote in this upcoming election, but ask me about politics now?  Forget it.  You'll get a blank stare because I won't be there.

Disclaimer:  Can a person parent and have careers, opinions, and complete sentences come out of their mouth at the same time? Can they do something productive with their lives other than their children? Of course! By all means, break free, it behooves everyone involved.  All I am saying is that this little guy is really convincing ya know?