Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cora pranced around with her floppy hat and poofy hair winning a humble award for the "cutest" costume.  Though when Zander styled her, he was definitely going for more of the creep factor.  When her curls have been brushed out, all that is left is a scary white guy with a fuzzy mullet.  It makes me shudder and laugh at the same time.  I tried to showcase it in the setting sun.
Ender could care less about entering in any costume contest.  He contently wolfed down his hot dog so he could attack the games and candy at our church's trunk or treat.  He much prefers Cora in the spotlight.  The nights leading up to Halloween Ender was getting nightmares and not wanting to go to bed.  After praying over him, I told him to try and think of happy thoughts.
"I just can't.  I won't.  Its going be Halloween soon so I can only think of spooky things.  After Halloween is over I won't be scared anymore"
And he's not.  Onward to Thanksgiving!