Wednesday, June 24, 2009

of angels and valar

if an angel were to entertain me...i'd hope she would be something like Yavanna, "the Giver of Fruits. She is the lover of all things that grow in the earth, and all their countless forms she holds in her mind, from the trees like towers in forests long ago to the moss upon stones or the small and secret things in the mould...In the form of a woman she is tall, robed in green; but at times she takes other shapes. Some there are who have seen her standing like a tree under heaven, crowned with the Sun; and from all its branches there spilled a golden dew upon the barren earth, and it grew green with corn."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Through the Plains

my heart is fractured across time and space. to be whole again! but it is nice to do routine check ups like in oklahoma, just to see if there is still a beat.

Welcome to Guthrie!
the station.cousins, kale & and sister at grandmother's home.

Monday, June 08, 2009

his adventure. i live vicariously.

he: speared 4 fish. unearthed torquoise. traveled 3 mi by his handmade sail. escaped the bog of eternal stench. traversed untainted dunes. and still....
him telling me that the trip would have been a thousand times more adventurous if i were there, was enough to subdue the green monster rising up in me. the beast is fed for now. i suspect its envious belly will grow hungry again about the same time next year... and it will take a lot more than throwing it a few bones.