House Plants


Black Rose "Zwartkop"

Drought tolerant when established.  Needs well-draining soil.  Water thoroughly and allow to dry before watering again.  Summer dormant.  Best to provide some cool shade during dormancy if possible.  Protect from frost.  Height: 36" Width: 24" Temp: 35F
~Placed in west dining room.  In January getting a kiss of western sun.
~Highest stem reaches 18". 

~leaves are dropping in significant amounts! 
~I am watering once a week, lightly
~Moved plant to south window where it is getting more sunlight



Donkey Tail 'Burrito'

~Forms semi-prostrate stems with dense jelly bean leaves. Trailing. Excellent for hanging basket culture.  Prefers bright filtered light with ample airflow.  Protect from frost. Provide bright light.  Hardy to 32F. Water thoroughly when soil is dry.
~Purchased early 01/06/13, stems are a few inches long.
~Hanging in my west facing window. 

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