Thursday, January 26, 2012

it came from my faded roll of film. i like the 'old' look,

it suits his soul - timeless. some adorable characters i picked up for ender's soon to be extensive book collection. (secretly mine:)

and this is an old school book journal my neighbor gave to ender. it chronicles until the 9th grade. i'm not much for scrap booking, but i do love a good hand cramp when it comes to journaling.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

what once was, now is

in lieu of trying to save money and de-clutter and still surround myself with aesthetic details. I nabbed this shabby old tackle box from my parent's neighbor. Then Walmart supplied me with a color named Jade.



i think i would make a great catch for an employer looking to hire someone to play adam to colors. Instead of Jade, though nice, i think.... lady mermaid.... too fantastical? Not for me!

i love this color. i'm not done with it yet. I think I will take apart an old fan and spray down its blades with some of lady mermaid.

the sirens must be calling me today. honestly, beautiful maidens of the sea, the way to my heart is through ender's grandmothers. Get them, you got me.

Monday, January 23, 2012

there is no peculiar wind today that would carry Mary Poppins to me. we'd make a discreet and swift jump into these scenes.

this film is at least 5 years old, & some of the images are at least back two years... light leaks, light fades, i still adore these pictures more than any would be better digital version.

*click it to get a little closer

Friday, January 20, 2012

fool you not

this boy, oh my. he is ornery! we read a book the other day about a little fox who spilled his milk. ender said "uh-oh" then slapped my face! he picks this book out every time before nap and bed, and every time, i have to dodge his unique way of disciplining me. Look kid! I'm just the messenger!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

metropolis- a film

a silent film restored by the magic that was the 1980's. i don't think i could have appreciated this film if it were not for zander. he puts his own fingerprints on it and i begin to see what he sees. something past myself.

its not supposed to be a comedy, but we laughed a lot. oh and don't forget about Troll Hunter. (it was a netflix night)
anyway. these actors depended so much on the eyes to tell the story.

zander thought his cousin melanie would have been perfect for a silent film role.

Friday, January 13, 2012

i'm sold.

i want to live in an RV. I don't care. Don't talk me out of it. I once heard of a family who did this. They traveled the nation's coasts and taught all their children how to surf. I just need to build an RV with a pop out suite to host Ender's grandmothers. We can strap everyone else to the roof.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

15 months & a brief overlook

Aliases: squirt, sprite, nicks nooks, pancho, cricket, scooter, & so on.....

Hobbies: cars, throwing the ball, reading, rolling around on filthy dog beds or piles of laundry, eating, hunting for thread and lint on the floor, digging in the dirt, drums.

Words: Nana= Banana, Moo=Moon, YEAH!= YEAH DO WHAT I THINK YOU THINK I WANT!, Ba= Anything resembling a ball, Buh=Book or Up , Bye=Bye! And of course mama and dada and an extensive repertoire of animal and machine noises.

Bad Habits: Hitting, Banging your head on the ground, sticking Mr. Potato Head's anatomy in the wrong parts, whining.

Songs: Really, anything with a beat! or just anything.

Foods: Cheese, apples, pears, asparagus, peas, yogurt (the nasty sour organic kind), beets, blueberries, blackberries and beans. You'll give anything a try, so I totally respect you if you decide not to eat something.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

our non edibles & musings

Are you supposed to pick a theme for gardens? Desert, Tropical, English Countryside....I can't decide, I get lost in them all.

I used to dig for snails in my mom's garden, then use leaves and sticks to create them a beach paradise. It took them a while to mosey off of their waxy green towels, so all in all, pretty cooperative.

I used to have english tea with the red dragon snaps and a little croatian-american girl.

I used to go with my mom to the nursery to greet all the stone statues by name. I so wanted to stay and live in their garden.

Monday, January 09, 2012

the lost tales and characters of tolkein.

a race of men once thought vanished from middle earth, the pale hun emerges when all of middle earth is at the doorstep of destruction. here you see a contemporary portrayal of a typical pale hun decked in common battle armour wielding his swift and sure bow. they have been lost in the fray of of more popular legends.

*just to be clear, it was the hun himself who spent hours figuring out how to craft the perfect Lord of the Rings hoax. Its so believable!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Longish before our little alexander as ender came along, there was zander as ender. " you never cease to amaze me, Andrew (ender), the way you turn people in plasma."
" he was a youngish man, younger than her, atleast, but his eyes were seductive with understanding. Perigoso, she thought. he is dangerous, he is beautiful, I could drown in his understanding.
" he was a creature out of legend, and yet he still lived..."

i read and re read these excerpts. for sure orson scott card had met zander!

i love LOVE LOVE LOVE these two photographs of zander. he is such an unruly, *free spirited boy.

and i should add. in highschool people would usually dub me as the free spritied, barefoot, hemp totin'hippie. i threw caution to the wind and hugged and kissed the trees. but zander, he is the Gen-u--wine free spirit. he is blown by the breeze of the Holy Spirit. he throws fear to the wind and treasures the broken hearted. zander doesn't usually like how i describe him. he wants a more masculine profile, but that will have to come in another post. today i see him walking barefoot next to Jesus, talking to the trees and animals, on a quest to love more.

Monday, January 02, 2012

quickly, lets look at what i experienced this week!fair haired cousins all sitting in a row. a feast at the Badlelair (pluntke) eve tradition at our little. little bungalow. christmas morning at the Toth's!Zander "the Hun" naughtily shooting his arrow straight and high.
hiking an itty bitty trail in the Superstition Mountains. Its kind of like the Bermuda triangle of the Sonoran desert. Legend, Lore, the Lost echo in the canyons. I want to go back! we had to cut our time on the trail short because ender kicked his boot off and a pretty cholla needled logdged itself deep in his heel. he was not happy.