Saturday, February 14, 2009

Salutations on your birthday dear Arizona

Mama and I made a trip out to the Farmers Market downtown, phoenix.

My most favorite booth was the bee lady.

Bee's and I didn't see eye to eye when I was a wee little thing. They always found themselves in my mouth or down my pants, but our relationship was healed while schooling in Austria.

I found a bench, in the sun, to read at, near a beautiful flowering tree. The bench was dusty so I thoroughly cleaned an area for my rump, then wiped the dirt on my jeans.

Reading.....a bee hums and hovers over my knee, eventually making a smooth landing. Frightened and about to shoo the critter away, I paused, and noticed its tongue licking my knee, licking up the debri from the bench I wiped on my pants. A breeze stirred the near by tree. Ahhah! the pixie dust came from the tree! Pollen! I was peppered with pollen and the bee was indulging. Well, eventually it sat beside me. I continued reading so my friend could finish up breakfast.

Soo, how could I pass up purchasing bee pollen for my own consumption?! Autum pollen tastes like wite tea and raw honey. Winter pollen tastes more like alfalfa. I bought mama autum.

Happy Birthday Arizona! I'm enamoured.

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