Monday, May 17, 2010

my body is the host of the most mysterious kind. a human being. i cannot grasp that there is a separate person within. i think i almost did, one morning, but the understanding was faint and fleeting.

life in me!

i wonder, "this has never happened to me before!" i wonder again, "perhaps, though, it has..."

i have the life of God in me, an infinite being. that powerful Someone who defied death, gruesome perversion, and decay has made a perfect little hovel in me.

i'm really anticapating feeling the baby's jiu jitsu moves, but i cherish deeply when i feel the Spirit move.

oh i can't wait to be like this woman!


Mel said...

i've missed your blogging. i love it when you do.
how are you?
when do you find out what you're having?
i saw pictures of your picnic extravaganza on facebook. looked like a dream.

miss you, pal.

Les is more said...

hi mel!
i am doing well, quite well, thanks!
we found out yesterday that the creaton is a little boy:)
wowza! whatta cool house you own! zander and i will probably be visiting prescott this summer, to beat the heat. we'll have to get some pizza!

miss you too!
keep posting those photos- precious glimpses for me, indeed!