Thursday, October 14, 2010

tree company

a boy and a girl living as wild people in a tree fort in an abode that is drafty, creaky, old and any wind rattles the frail, leafy windows.

one day, they wake up to an unusual sound. Looking down to see the most strange and beautiful creature cradled in the knarly roots of the tree, the man boy quickly scrambles down to load this alluring oddity in their basket and hoist him up to take a closer look.

it looks like them, but smells a lot sweeter. not sure why they are falling deeply in love, they take the cub and tuck him in a little corner and decide to keep it.

they call him ender.

that night the woodland fairies enter in through their window and tell them secrets about ender. most perplexing of all...these magical beings resemble their own dear mothers.


Roxanne said...

Leslie, what a great post. When he is 5 and asks where babies come from, this is a most fabulous answer.

my name is Mel said...

I would being lying if I didn't say that when I read this I nearly cried. Beautiful and oh so poetic way of putting it. Such a great journey.