Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Zander, as of late, has expressed the disillusionment, the lack luster, the gap between the boy and his young father. It must be difficult to connect with a human so tiny and mainly in need of milk. Zander also works outside the home, furthering his feelings of disconnection.

A light bulb blinked on in my head, "Aha!" thought I, "I will find him articles in our baby book that will address this very issue and he will grow in knowledge and encouragement." Then my light bulb fizzed out for I then thought, "Who am I kidding! Zander does not get encouragement for the heart from scholarly research. He will probably have already figured his dilemma out his own way- with God."

That is so frustrating to me! It is much easier for me to Google what the world has to say and report the 'facts' and call it day. It is much harder for me to ask God, hear His answer and confidently tell Zander. Well, I ended up marking the page in our book.

Lo and behold, he came home that day on a surge wave of enlightenment from God he received while listening to a Keith Green song. (that Isaac kept playing on repeat just so he could hear Zander sing this one part off key) And that one part off key, was just spark of realization Zander needed about our baby human.

they will make it just fine.


my name is Mel said...

this is just beautiful.
john felt like this a lot in the beginning too. it so quickly passes and before we know it the little ones prefers dad over the boob any day. ;)

miss you, girl. when shall i see you again?

Les is more said...

hi mel! i can't wait for zander's day to come with the boy.
Are you going to the family Christmas party?! We will be there!

my name is Mel said...

Sadly, but truly we can't go tomorrow. :( We have our church Christmas dinner the SAME day. what are the chances? i don't think we've been in 2 or 3 years. SUCH a bummer.
if you ever want, you guys are more than welcome to come up to prescott to see the lights at the courthouse. they are so beautiful.
miss you, pal.