Thursday, April 14, 2011

the size of my miracle was so small, so significant. as ender was leaving a chamber in God's heart to come to earth, his hand reached out and brushed up against a pulsating wall, raking it through his tiny fingers, and clenching tight, he bore a piece for the journey. it took me so long to realize why his fists were always closed as a newborn. he held a very precious gift. i know he will share it with the world.

on another note: i accidentally changed my family's life.

the said kid up above, that cute, adorable midget, morphs into a snarling dragon at night. I'm not kidding! It is a whole process of rocking the scaly serpent to a sweet slumber. Then only to repeat the process 5 more times during the night. Sometimes he traps me in his lair for 3 tortuous hours!

Well on Monday night I found myself, exhausted and with a nasty cold. The dragon summoned me into his cave once again to rock him. But it wasn't enough for him. I knew, then, that I faced my demise. Tonight was the night he would conquer. And in one last desperate attempt to survive......!! I rolled over and played dead. Oh did the beast roar! He was frothing at the mouth, gnashing those pointy white teeth, swinging that long neck from side to side. I was frozen in fear.

Thankfully, a brave boy came along, curious about all the noise, found me lifeless, dragged me out and told me to go take a shower.

He only blew steam for an hour then.... golden silence. The following times he stirred, i shoved some raw meat under the door, then he fell back asleep in minutes. For his siestas it only takes him seconds to realizeI'm not his slave and off he frolics to dream land.

The key is to give him a cloth diaper he can shred between his claws- get all that angst out! Then lay his bunny next to him. After he calms down, he likes to pet Rutabaga.

The curse has been broken, the dragon tamed, the village is free.


from mel said...

hallelujah! how did you do it? you are so smart.

and your writing is so, so poetic and beautiful. i love it.
and those pictures? oh my goodness.

Les is more said...

i'm not smart, mel! i'm tired:)
We just let the boy cry. He loves it. I think he thinks he singing. He doesn't cry for very long, often only a few seconds. So for him, it works. And for me, wow, it works wonders!

Andy and Kiara said...

Apparently Ian was like that when he was a baby. He liked to wail a while before sleeping. It was just his style. :)