Friday, July 22, 2011

tender is the touch

here ender poses with roses for adorable jocie k.

a note:

ender, I can trust. he's determined to examine things very closely.he isn't quite ready to destroy or take things apart yet. I think that is how his brain works. First he observes...,then he goes in for the "kill".
and by kill i mean a ginger touch with his pointer finger.


Mel said...

He is absolutely perfect, Les. So wonderful. I must see him soon!

Les is more said...

Hey melanie!
its a shame how long since its been since i've seen you. what can i do about this?! ender can be such a sour pickle when it comes to road trips, so its not very tempting to make a pit stop in Prescott when we head to Junipine. We are headed up there again late August. We will see about stopping:) Ender can often surprise. You think you're opening of jar of those sour pickles when, yum, nutella instead!
Phew! This was a lot said:) Miss you!