Thursday, December 22, 2011

look at this trove, treasures untold

ariel was such a hoarder. when i was a little human, i went antique-ing with mama and came home with boxes: cigar boxes, cricket boxes, shoe polish boxes, anything that would keep my treasures, mainly rocks and coins, safe and secret. i was out of control. the madness wouldn't stop. I told myself I wouldn't buy a single ornament this year! But the sun was shining on this particular silver orb at an outdoor antique market. An ornament box I can keep cloves

in or this beautiful red and green gem of mine. Always looking to put my rock collection to good use again!

here is also another idea i'd like to do with them. i think this is weirdly perfect for me. my rocks always made me feel that something was Great out there in the Beyond. To muse over each one and remember the word that would describe my rock to me as a child... Yes, i think for now, this would do my collection artistic justice.

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