Saturday, June 02, 2012

A week of weeks

One cockroach is innocent enough, i suppose.  but two, three, four,......50 and don't forget the thousands that lurk in the shadow of just that single one you see skittering past your feet.  They invade, they are Satans legions.  And this week, we, well.....really, just zander waged war.  After a lot of foot stoppin, sprayin, trap settin, and prayin, zander claims PTSD.  I laugh this off of course, but the man is traumatized.  He thinks about them all day, he dreams about them by night.   Its time to move.

I didn't want to move initially, but this event in our lives is making it that much more sweeter.  Its getting hot here in the desert, neighbors are falling off the grid, our vegetable garden is withering, its the little things that God is using to help push me out the door. 

Zander. He was showering and meanwhile SHE was stalking him. He is standing on our bathroom sink   in the picture.  Below the crop is the obvious and a plunger. Above the crop is cockroach insides splattering the wall. Aye aye aye.  He is dejected, tired of all the killing, but he must continue until none remain. 

Ender.  He is such a voracious reader.  We are clearing our book shelves, prepping for the big haul.    We are not moving because of the vermin.... oh no, this move has been in the making.


from mel said...

So great!! I literally just killed..some huge bug on our bathroom floor and I panicked. Johns not home and I am afraid to go to sleep! My imagination, I tell you what!

Can't wait to hear/see your new house!! We must see each other soon. Do you guys need a break from the heat? It's a high of 80 tomorrow ;)

Miss you! Love seeing Ender. Please have more little ones soon, you guys have adorable ones!!

Les is more said...

You and Zander share similiar fears and the ornery imaginiations that come with them! Good job in slaying the beast without John!

We would love to have a break from the heat. I am wracking my brain everyday trying to figure out what to do with ender with out melting. To see you would be bliss! Its just this house thing, we are in limbo with it, but things should solidfy this month!

f-less-africa said...

One of my favorite posts of yours for some reason. One for sure reason is that picture of Ender. Clear out the next shelf and I'll try and squeeze in too. Ender has the BEST ideas!

The "Not-So" Empty Nest said...

I love your blog Leslie!
I wish I had started following you sooner!
Sorry about the roaches, yuk!!

Les is more said...

Hi Joyce!

Welcome aboard! :) I like following your blog too!