Thursday, November 21, 2013

The whole month of September my little cub slept slept and slept.  He took long naps every day and slept 12 hour nights.  But one morning, the fog of hibernation cleared and he emerged a very energetic, smarter, independent big boy.  This was one of the last times he woke up from a nap. 

"Mama, how can I touch the sky?"

"Dance with me in your arms!"

"Look at Cora!  She is doing it (standing, crawling, eating...etc.) all by herself!"

"Drop the sword, in the name of the Lord!"

"I got to tell you a secret...(whispers loudly in my ear) Jiminy Cricket is in a cave.  Why?"

He is too smart for his own good and I'm quickly running out of brain to keep up with him.  He is like a German Shepard.  He needs a job to do or he'll go crazy and start tearing up the backyard.  Zander has been taking him on "runs" so he can let off some steam from the day.  I should start taking him on morning hikes one day a week and let sister sleep in a backpack. 

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