Friday, January 24, 2014

Reflection on who Cora is has been lacking.  I've only had enough time to experience her, barely contemplate her.  When Ender was a baby, I had two or three naps to myself to muse over his idiosyncrasies.  Last night, after the kids were in bed, I found myself thinking of Cora, the creature :) 

This is one way I see it.  One way that helps me to make sense of the little things I try to shepherd.

First of all both of them came from some other dimension.

Ender, when he entered this blue terrestrial ball, came with a purpose.  His plan is to eventually take over and rule the people, all the people.  Zander and I are doing the best we can to deactivate his tyrannical brain, but he's smart, he's determined, he's Ender.  The forces of good and evil are already battling it out inside is  three year old heart and mind  Its intense.  But we know we have a winner.

Now,Cora. When she entered our planet, she came in the likeness of a plump fairy godmother.  She wipes away the tears and grants wishes.  Her happiness is contagious and she blesses those who will pause to meet her gaze.  She will reward them with a bright smile, a laugh, a silly gesture, a conversation that sounds more like a nice rest by a babbling brook...or.....squawking peacock.  Be careful though, she has an odd twitch in her arm, and will slap you in the face if you're not careful.  Its just a minor malfunction that tech support is working on....  I'm sure some wiring in her celestial brain overheated when she entered our earth's atmosphere.

Sometimes Zander and I try to explain to each other how Cora made us feel that day.  But there are no words.
"she's like.."
"Its just that..."
"And then she did, you know that thing...."

a dreamy sigh from us both....

...."And oh my goodness she's
just so amazing!" 

Cora is stumping me.  How can someone so small, so apparently human, (she certainly has a good disguise at least) be so incredibly  happy? 

Oh, wait, other things that will trigger a glitch in her perfect being is being short on blueberries, daring to give her a vegetable and sleep deprivation.   Here she half laughs and half screams for blueberries.

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