Thursday, July 24, 2014

Zander used to complain that my "love letters" to him were not love letters at all, but just flowery felicitation on the most recent landscape I was swooning over.  To me, though, nature, especially trees, are my love language.
As a kid I was lucky enough to land in an outdoorsys Girl Scouts troop.  We tramped all over Arizona and it was out there that I felt a spirit.  I thought it was the ghosts of the people who dwelled there before us, or an actual spirit of a tree or if I put out the right vibe I could communicate with the animals (I think thats just Disney's fault.  Cruel world).  I was a tad off, but I was determined that I would connect to this spirit.  I tried all sorts of magic to get the wild to reveal itself to me.  None of my tactics worked.  Hmpf. But I still felt something out there.  Turns out, its Jesus.  It was Him all along breathing life, wonder and mystery into the earth.  The answer to my searching has only fueled my love for trees.

Meet Takashi Kobayashi & his buddy Pete Nelson.   My kindred spirits.

 Petefeatured Taka on one of his Treehouse Master episodes.  I cried as these guys wrapped themselves in a hug around a tree branch and bonded by feeling the tree sway in the breeze.  haha.  There are other grown ups out there like me, but way cooler.  They giggled and squealed and are some of the cutest people on the planet to me.  Pure darlings. 

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