Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Haphazard Halloween

 Around our house, we don't buy costumes, and we don't D-I-Y costumes either.  Let the photos be proof of how much fun can be had from your closet at the eleventh hour! 
 Albert Einstein in the making......
 Albert(a), extremely  bristled and ruffled up. A few jelly beans later and those pathetic excuses for eyebrows were forgotten.  She wouldn't put up with a mustache, though....  She is an unfortunate mix of einstein, and an  oompa loompa.  Hmm.... next year I think she could easily pull off the creepy servants of Mr Wonka. In the mean time, I must keep her from watching any Disney princess movie that could thwart my plans.       
 Round Two.  A clown dolly?  A hunter army guy dude person?
 I was in the process of going for a windup doll. 

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