Friday, March 20, 2015

Its not really who I think it is.  The neighbor, girlfriend,or estranged acquaintance, but a 3 headed demon of bitterness, envy and pride.  My opponent is in the ring with boxing gloves on taunting me while I try to shield the children's eyes from its hideous form.  I try buckling Cora in the car seat and her screaming protests begin to compete with the hissing from the ring.  Ender's whining and complaining gets caught among the lying and the jeering coming from the spiritual beast.  I plow forward to nap time.

Its at nap time that the house quiets and the fight can get serious.  You open your Bible, bow your head and glove up. 
When she fixes her gaze, her eyes are chiseled stone set under a pale smooth cliff.  But she is afraid of dragons. However, we know her heart to be stout like a dwarf, joyful like a hobbit and deep like the elves.  So... Zander showed her this clip tonight before bedtime.  He surprise there.

But he also cried with a father's proud and sentimental love when he found a top female wrestler that reminded him of Cora.  I'll have to post an interview of her sometime.


Roxanne said...

Leslie, I do enjoy your blog. Keep writing so transparently, honestly about the joys and struggles of life and motherhood. Congrats on baby #3!

Les is more said...

Roxanne! Congratulations on your #3 too :):) And I feel safe that your understanding eyes are reading my blog. You're such a dear friend.

from mel said...

i've missed this. i love having blogs to catch up on! :)

Les is more said...

I don't know who you're gonna do it, but you must! must! keep it up when you move :) Praying for your family!

the Dickerson family said...

oh man, I just watched the clip.
Cried like a babe.
I can see so much of your Cora in Eowyn. She will be a true warrior.