Saturday, December 12, 2015

Dusky Desert

The desert is like a rose blushing again after its been withered from the heat. Its beauty never gives up. 
We spent some time at the archery range on Thanksgiving.  Gunther and the human pups from his pack ran wild.  Zander threw the ball for Gunther and his powerful body shot straight like an arrow; he impresses me. At one point Zander threw the ball off of small hill that dropped suddenly at the bottom. 
 I didn't see, but all I heard was the weight of a canon ball hurtling from a great height, hit the dirt with a mighty thud then run off with winged feet. 

 The story of their lives.....

Gunther clothes lined them.  Ender is actually taking it really well here, believe it or not.  In seconds he'll pop his head up with a smile. Cora is spittin' mad, however. 

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