Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Sammy Dow is ONE

I guess Gunther doesn't do it for him.  So, he feeds the bathroom bowl like its his own little pet.  Apparently, it gets cranky if Sam doesn't include anything electronic in its diet....  Thank you Verizon associate for all your help, you did what you could.

I'll be the first to admit, though, I am so stupid in love with him, that all that gross stuff he does gets categorized in my mind as "soooo cute" and "don't ya just wanna squeeze him" or "don't be such a pansy Zander, its just poop smeared all over the walls and floor"  for example.  We try to teach him to be gentle to the dog and Cora's hair.  Yet, I find myself, smothering him with kisses on his chins while coaxing his clenched fist to release the screaming sister.  Oh the child development specialists would have a hay day with me.  I'm the classic "What not to do". 
Despite the clumps of yellow curls found from time to time in his sticky palms, Cora too, is smitten.  And, despite his knack for tearing down all that is built up, Ender is quite taken with him.  Its not just mama that favors him, we all do.  We're in this together.  He's the adoring baby brother. 

He loves himself a good song to dance to.  He's often seen toddling around with drum sticks playing diddies on the wall, my knee cap, the dogs face, and quite often, daddy's drums.    I'd love it if the children became a musical trio.  Ender on the piano and following the falsetto's of MJ and JT, Cora playing angry guitar riffs and Sam keeping them all in tandem with the drums.  On one condition, their band wouldn't even make it to the garage, it would just fit nicely in the comfort of our living room. Safe and perfect. 

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