Friday, November 18, 2016

I like Halloween.  On my own terms.  I think Ender would agree.  "Mama, you don't like scary, only whimsical, right?"  Exactly right kid.  Awkward social situations are scary enough for Mr. Introvert, he could do without the grown men dressed up as evil incarnate, stalking his innocent frame down the sidewalk.  I was about to back hand that sorry excuse for a demon. 
At some point, though, if you trick or treat Coronado, you gotta shrug it off your shoulder and plow through the throng of kids to the next bucket of candy.   But, and I admit it, I didn't want to be unkind to that neighbor who put so much effort into her haunted front lawn, that I said "Ok, kids you heard her!"  We lead our naive children under the snake infested carport and rounded the corner to the front yard.  It was at that moment, a ghoul of some sort leaned forward out of a graveyard and "reached for us".  Ender dropped his candy and ran.  I went with Ender.  Zander, laughing the entire time, continued on with Sam and Cora.  Cora would do what she had to do get her candy, I guess.  Plus, she treats the stroller like it's her chariot and it's hard to convince her descend from it. 


Ender as Luke Skywalker. 
Cora looked like Elsa on crack. I'm sorry, she did! 
Sam, was Lambert, because I'd like to think he's a Mama's boy. 

She's as cold as ice.  But not really.

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