Monday, June 23, 2008

Our backyard.

200 foot Mooney Fall.

z and i.

We had to walk the planks across the lagoon to get to our campsite.

The edge of our campsite. We slept in a limestone cradle.

The wind whisked our tent away and laid it to rest 200 feet below. Katie and I ended up sleeping under the stars the rest of the stay. God knew what was best for us. He knew Katie wanted to see shooting stars. He knew I wanted to see the sporatic flight of the bats.

Climbing down the cliff with chain ropes.

Avocado Green.

The Katie. Our friend from some randome place in IL. Who needs to get her twinkle toes back to Phoenix!

Havasupai is better than Disney Land!

Havasupai: Taken it to the MAX 2009. R VS G COMING SOON!

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