Monday, January 31, 2011

ender, oh ender. what the heck buddy! you have had a meltdown almost every day for over a week now. What gives? since i've been thinking about leaving you at the doorstep of a nunnery...i owe you a shout out.

*you melt into liquid sugar when you are in the bath
*every morning you wake up laughing and cooing despite that you might have been laying in your pee soaked jammies (gilly! sorry.)
*you're a fan of Battlestar Galactica. so cool.
*you laugh the hardest when someone shimmies you in front of the mirror. such a diva!
*you sigh, alot! because you're satisfied? because you long? because you give up on trying to convince the world of your superiority? hm?
*you enjoy walking cheek to cheek with me as we glide from one room to the next. aye aye aye mi amor!
*your attention span with books thrills me!
*you appreciate a good nap and a good nights rest.

i love you. and we would only visit a convent for the cultural experience of watching The Sound of Music.

don't worry.


from mel said...

oh, les.
this was precious.
he is growing so quickly.
i'm sorry for his daily melt downs. maybe he's teething early? ;)

Les is more said...

who knows what the little bugger is up to! I check for little white nubs in his gums all day sign. I talked with mandy and she mentioned that he is becoming more aware of his surroundings, which puts him at risk for over stimulation...?

from mel said...

Hmm...could be...that would make sense.

Do you wear him in a wrap outside during those times? that might soothe him. sometimes kiddos just get a little restless at certain times of the day. shoot, jack still has restless times of the day. i'm sorry, pal. so sorry. i really want to come see ender (and you of course) soon! I know! I got it. Ender needs to see Jack! All problems solved ;)

from mel said...

p.s. go and check out on itunes a new band called barton hollow. beautiful. i think you and zander would lovvveee it. they have a free song on itunes right now.

The Kinkel Family said...

Dear Les is More... Clever! So glad to find your blog, didn't know it was here!!!
Love following the pics of growing Ender - sweet and beautiful boy. Good work, mama.