Tuesday, January 18, 2011


ender and i made a small herb bouquet for our lovely land lady, the queen of the King Kasa, Josie. if i ever feel discontentment in our abode, God always brings her to mind. i just look outside over at the periwinkle door to bungalow number 5 and remember that we have the sweetest neighbors. and i thought i would show God that I heard His reminder by giving a gift from our garden.

mint. lavender. rosemary. and a thank you scroll.


from mel said...

oh, les. so sweet.
and ender's eyes.
my goodness.
you have one ball of preciousness.

Les is more said...

Mel, you're so sweet!

please call again when you're in town and hopefully, God's stars will align for us to see each other!