Sunday, April 08, 2012

boiling the rain plant to extract its dye will make your kitchen stink to high heaven. and just when you thought that the smell of the desert in a rain storm would be ruined for you forever, you fling open all the doors, turn on the fans, take a deep breath and realize the creosote is still one of your favorite desert scents. next year i will do more foraging in the desert to see what natural dyes it offers.
some vegetables and fruits. swiss chard doesn't work for green(top right egg). in fact, it leaves an odd film on the egg that peels away.
an easter portrait.


Daci said...

love it!

f-less-africa said...

Oh Leslie :) :) You're the most ethereal ghetto gal I know and I love you to pieces. Love the portrait, saw Zander and thought, "Ah man what a putz. Wait. Ender is making the same face. Ah the Alex gene!!"