Monday, April 02, 2012

Vermillion Cliffs & my dad

yet again, my dad returned from a jeep trip in the desert. I used to live for these rides. I would quit a job on a whim so I wouldn't miss out. I hated school for the very reason it kept me from the hot wind in my face as we sped down the highway. Eventually, my responsibilities became more concrete and these escapades became fewer. the spirit of adventure faded in me as i continued on with the daily grind of secretarial work.
Ender found me wandering aimless on the fringes of the wilderness. he brought me home and I believe he tends to refine me. He threw a bucket of cold water on my face and told me to snap out of it, get a hold of yourself woman, you lost your way, look to Jesus.
Ender is like the little darling rock tumbler I got for Christmas as a child. I'm being tossed and spun with water and sand until I come out smooth and shiny.
"As for me, ....i shall be satisfied when i awake in Your likeness"
Looks like I'll be in this rock tumbler for the rest of my earthly days.

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