Sunday, December 23, 2012

1.woodland ginger cookies. 2. woodland garland. 3. drummer boy.
my ginger cookies look better than they taste.  the garland keeps falling down because I'm too lazy to find a better way than scotch tape.  and the drummer boy didn't "perform" until the very last stanza of Away in the Manger when daddy promised he could see himself on "TV".  Diva.

i giddily wrapped the first Christmas present of the year.  the delight is mine to tape & twine!  there are so oh so many people that I could give to each year that i get stressed out because I am only one tiny one.  i rely on the Spirit to just tell me a few (apart from family) that i can handle and then rest in knowing that i am not God or Santa, but simple me.  this is desert soap infused with creosote and chaparral oils that i sent to friends faraway. 

 these frothy photos (the snow effect:) are glimpses of simple happiness in our life right now.  but our hearts are heavy laden with the pain that is searing in other people's lives.  zander & i are mourning the babes from the school shooting, cancer, other untimely deaths.

i appreciate someone attempting to put into words on this blog..... whom i discovered through melanie :)

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