Monday, December 31, 2012

Tonto Natural Bridge



the facilities to the park are very pristine and well kept.  Ender walked down all the steps to the bridge.  He counted 6, but I believe there are roughly 80.  Ender discovered a tiny opening in a pint sized cave.  Zander had to crawl on his belly to "rescue" him.  It was kind of nerve wrecking because ender became panicked and forgot how to crawl and always wanted to stand and run which proved very sore for his little head.

We decided to cross under the expansive bridge and hike up the creek back to the parking lot. At this point Ender began to melt, melt, melt!  He hopped in daddy's back pack but cried for his mama.   Zander wove a story about him and his buddies rock climbing and camping, which intrigued him immensely and he fared much better.  The passing was tricky.   All the boulders were coated in a treacherous freeze. 

Emerging from the creek bed we found a quiet & sunny spot to eat.   Ender pendulum swung between bites of sandwich and apple so we decided to head back to the car and let him nap.  But he did not agree with our splendid & logical idea. 
Ender refused to sleep and continued refusing the whole 3 hours ride home.  He coughed.  The poor thing coughed the WHOLE time.  And he complained about the sun being in his eyes so I had to constantly maintain a make shift shield for him.  I went & bought a window shade last night.  No more of that nonsense!

Ender threw up when we got home.  It was mostly all the snot and phlegm he swallowed.  Poor guy.
I love having a family!  I love that Zander doesn't shirk away from seeing the sites because its a wee bit more stressful and challenging with a two year old.  

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