Wednesday, February 12, 2014

dragon lair exploring

Sometimes you tell this kid stories to get him to eat his breakfast.
Such was the situation one morning a couple of weeks ago.

In a nutshell....

There was once a terrible and cruel dragon named Pico Paco who stole a precious baby girl from her crib just before dawn.  The heartbroken and panicked parents were led by un hombre misterioso to a large tree in the desert.  There they enlisted the help of Ender the Dragon Slayer.  He and his steed (a very large german shepard) rode under the blazing sun to the foothills of Pico Paco's mountain.

blah blah blah

he met his buddy Niko, they snuck into the cave, the dragon laughed, mocked, and tried to torch the boys.  They ran and tumbled down down down into a dark cavern.  When Ender lit a match, Whoosh!  the rocky room was dazzling with wall to wall sheets of crystal.  The surface of the crystal was so pure and clear it mirrored perfectly the startled boys.  A whole army of Ender's and Nikos stood dumbfounded. Ender had an idea.  They taunted the dragon down into the secret room of "the Many".  When the dragon landed with a clumsy thud into the darkness, Ender yelled "Now!" And niko lit a match which revealed a host of brave 3 year olds with shiny daggers.  The dragon (and Ender at this point) was very confused which allowed fictional Ender to stab Pico Paco in the soft flesh of his belly. 

So forth and so forth.  They found the precious baby (cora) asleep in a golden cradle and returned her to her parents.

"Tell it again mama!" 


Instead we went to Papago Park to explore an old dragon lair.


EllisBelle said...

You sure can spin an amazing yarn! I want you to tell me stories for breakfast!

Roxanne said...

Love this!

Roxanne said...

Love this!

Mo said...

I also want some stories...but bedtime for me. I don't need any encouragement eating, lol.

You've got some talent there, friend.