Friday, February 21, 2014

Arizona's Birthday

February 14th, a day to celebrate your love for good o'l Arizona.  You know, I used to wear black on this day to show everybody who was boss, that Valentines was a sappy, fake, made up blah blah blah.  The point being, I needed to get over myself :)  I think I did for the most part, but I still don't get into it.  Zander could care less and so could Ender.  Cora might like it; I know I did when I was a little thing because my mom was my sweetest valentine. 

I forced my family to Hunts Tomb, though, for a picnic commemorating 102 years of statehood and just to remind us that we love this land.  Zander was sick, Ender was getting on my nerves, and Cora was starving by the time we rolled into the park.

None of that matter,though, and besides, the children whipped into shape and Zander, eh, he didn't complain.  The air was electric, my head was buzzing with the view and perfume of all the plants. 
And as the fiery chandelier diminished, the moon appeared in the east, perfectly round and proud to traverse the sky. 

There was another family up there and Ender, no questions asked or insecurities known, started to play with two of the kids.  The two young strangers ran around the pyramid to try and escape the clumsy boy.  Ender was confused, but having a blast.  I think he proved himself, because the kids finally initiated conversation and they began to play more mutually and soon were teaching Ender how to play hide and seek.  He was still confused but having even more fun.  What a guy. 

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