Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pretentious?  ha!  This girl has zero shame. She has nothing to prove to the world.  She is.  She just is.  I aspire to be like her.

A lover.  A healer.

Out in about, I am constantly held up because Cora has struck up a conversation with a passer by-er.  While Ender and I are debating and discussing why he should get this particular toy or snack, Cora is collecting a following of friends behind our shopping cart.  As Ender strategizes his next move I turn my attention to Cora and her new friend.

Its mostly cooing and waving.  Usually, they have made their way across the store to connect with her.  Because she caught their eye in the cereal isle, they met her at the check out line.

"She smiled and waved at me", they tell me.
"She looked into my eyes"
"She made my day"
"She is so happy"

When I was little, I entertained the idea of training my terrier to be a therapy dog.  I wanted to volunteer at a hospital or nursing home.  As it turns out, Shasta, didn't agree.

I have my therapy pup today though. 
Cora's spirit has touched so many stranger's lives.  People I would ignore, immediately judge, or hold a grudge against, she welcomes into her small and bright world.  She has no idea of their sins, of the darkness that could be held with in.  I lift my hands to God amazed.  Am I her mother?  I'm only an ignorant pilgrim who stumbled in the presence of an ancient sage. 

"What?!  She's whining and crying now?  She pooped her pants?  Let me grab the wipes.  Hold still Cora!"

Still a baby. 

Sassafras with Gigi
and with Grandma.

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Mo said...

She's getting so big Leslie, I miss her! Looking more like Ender every day too.

And haha at her grocery store friends. Encourage this. I truly believe it's a divine gift to be able to talk to anyone about anything.