Monday, July 20, 2015

Someone to celebrate

Oh Sammy, my love, my little darling, you're here!  I bottled you up in my body along with so much fear and anxiety for far too long. 
You smell amazing!
You feel amazing!

Leave it to your siblings to play ping pong with pink eye and finally hit daddy straight in the face the day you were born.  I am also sick with some sorta nasal drip, such as it is, welcome to the chaos.

The sky rushed our way when it caught wind of your birth.  It rains, it blows, it cools my after birth sweats :)

Ender entered this world under such serious matters.  IUGR, a c-section, freaked out parents.
Cora sashayed into  a party- so many females laughing and cheerleading for her in the delivery room.  Fitting for the extrovert.
Sam came with quiet reserve to live and just be here.  Fears told us you shouldn't be here, you shouldn't be healthy, but you came with confidence paying no heed.


the Dickerson family said...

oh, Les.
he is perfect. absolutely perfect.
i wish i could give him little cuddles. (i won't kiss his cheeks, not to worry ;)
he's HERE. and he is healthy and perfect. i am so happy for you guys.

the Dickerson family said...

and you just spray that boob milk over all ya'll eyeballs! that works the best to battle pink eye (true story!) ;)

Les is more said...

haha ok mel, you and your cousin zander think alike in that department:)