Friday, February 26, 2016

Johnny Rocket

An invasion.  Out of no where.  Russia, the blessed United States, the conspiracy theorists, no one, saw them coming.  Except one.
The world is under attack, it could be the end.
But there is a boy.
Just the other morning he was breaking the news to his mama that he "had to wait till  he was 30 until he could build a rocket ship to take her to the moon"
Today he squeezes his eyes shut and blows out all the candles he has to work with, a handful, just 5.
But he musters up to the courage for the fight.
An invasion like this, though?  "It could be a slice of cake", he thinks. For no one would have ever suspected that he has survived the hatching of Corzilla.
He's ready for anything now.
Peeing in public restrooms.
For whatever this world or other worlds will throw at him.
They call him Johnny ROcKeT.
Thirty will have to wait.  He's gotta rocket ship to build.
It will be the first lego engineered shuttle expected to withstand launch and an alien attack of unknown extra terrestrial technology.
His mom was suspicious of something brilliant  going down behind those "nap time" doors when Johnny came out more exhausted then when he went in and took down a gallon of milk by himself.
Save your lego kids.  You never known when the Commander in Chief will upon you. 

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