Saturday, March 31, 2012

the phoenix has molted its winter feathers

sweet, sweet acacia.
just like when we boil veggies and fruits to enhance or draw out the flavor, the sun warms and lifts the scent of desert plants right off of the tree and onto our olfactory palate. the air is drenched with an arid kind of sugar. I'm excited to go to Junipine and smell the vanilla sweat of the pinetrees this summer!

ender and i went on a bike ride this morning. he rode in a trailer in the back. Thank you heather! and it was very liberating dragging a feisty toddler behind me. released some angst of my own. the sun baked us, but did not transform our scent into anything worth writing about. tis so stinky to be a human.
*zander went rock climbing today, so more pull ups on his hangboard for me :)