Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Jug, Arizona

Katie "the breezy" who planned the adventure!
there are 5 people in this photo!!!!
really, I can't tell whose the bigger dork.  I'm simply stumped!

 I was so afraid.  This pregnancy was taking a toll on my body and mind.  What was I doing going canyoneering on one of the hottest days in June?  I had a long and excited conversation with my doctor who gave the okay, and I couldn't ignore the swelling joy every time I thought about actually taking this on.  Despite a weak stomach, fatigue, and an overall blue mood, I went for it.

The beeline drive is one of the most exotic in the state.

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do” el. roose.

  I always feel like I don't have an excuse anymore to cower.   Little Humans Beings give me no other choice but to live more radically and on the edge.  And I'm talking more spiritually and mentally than just actions.  Actions are second rate to the heart.

I'm really thankful for zander, too.  We made a pact in April that we would push each other to get away and "go for it" whether with each other and the boy or alone at least once a month.  We have accidentally held to that promise.  We completely forgot about it until the other day, but realized we were doing it anyway. 


The "Not-So" Empty Nest said...

I didn't know you were with child!!
Congratulations ;)

Les is more said...

thank you!!
the baby is still oh so itty bitty, bout 10 weeks!

from mel said...

yahoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh les! this is so wonderful!!!!!

Les is more said...

thanks mel! fresh with your second, you will have to remember everything to warn me and encourage me about!