Saturday, July 07, 2012

Junipine in July- a closer look

these images are balm.  a place to see with your hands. 

last night, i took toby for a walk.  but not just any walk. a terrifying stroll through the pitch black of "the circle" : a road here, across the Junipine side and through the large gates.  i can barely brave it with other people, but i got the notion to do it by myself. once and for all, just get it over with. Plus, zander double dared me. 
The gates creaked open, the flashlight clicked on, and i clung to toby's leash.  the night was cool, but the sweat poured.  it took every ounce of my focus to not succumb to my imagination and faint or run.  the creaks and clicks of the woods came like strange chanting from the shadows.  my spine buzzed.  abandoned homes were inhabited with with the monsters under my bed.  BUT i did it, and I'll never do it again because sheesh!  i'm so weak!

aside from that, the nights are perfectly peaceful.... soon, some evening, zander and i will hang hammocks high in the sycamore trees and fall asleep under the meshed canopy of stars and leaves. 


from mel said...

so much beauty in those pictures. and your words.

Les is more said...

thank you mel! glad you enjoyed :)