Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Lists & Listnesses

From the time of Cora's conception we decided to compartmentalize her to the last home stretch of her 9 month journey in the womb.   We had to buy a house, celebrate Ender's birthday party, attend more parties, build a block wall, celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years....  Well, her last month came at the stroke of midnight January 1st.  I furiously wrote a to do list and have been sluggishly going through it. 

We finally got a washing machine.  Does anyone believe me that I've been doing laundry at my parent's house for the last 7 years?  Do I sound pathetic or totally committed to rolling with the financial punches ?  :)

I have failed miserably in my pursuit to prepare, though.  My relationship with Jesus waned, with Zander it strained and I have been unnecessarily impatient and fed up with Ender.  Bless him.  Its been that bad.

But today!  Today I resolutely ask Jesus for help and to change me.  I'd much rather get back to being madly in love with Jesus, Zander and  Ender than listlessly pondering my life & concerning myself with action items.  I throw my chaff in the wind!

Here is Ender gleefully swinging in Nana's and Papa's hammock.  He loves for me to wind him up and spin him out.  He does this odd inhaling laugh when he is supremely  pleased with something.  Spinning is one of them. 

I love you little guy.  I'm sorry I put cleaning my breast pump, organizing cora's clothes, & hemming curtains (among other things) before you :)

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