Monday, March 04, 2013

March 4

Yesterday was a first for me & Zander.  He remembered our anniversary before I did.  I am becoming less puppeted by the dates of the calendar anyway.  I prefer to sway with the seasons these days. 
So "march fourth" i am not terribly attached to you.  We were married in the Sonoran spring.  So when weather begins to gently warm, and the sun lingers a little longer, I will remember the pecan grove. 

Now, I cannot post a photo of our wedding because the photos are on a cd which are in a room in which I dare not go.  Zander, has strung up raw meat strips from the ceiling fan and is curing them.  It doesn't smell, thankfully, but my imaginations is sending signals to my brain to stay far away from the creepy, disturbing scene.  I tried to convey to zander how scared I was that what he did was a cruel joke.  In fact, if you're reading this boy, we are going to "talk" about removing the horrid meat from the house when you get home.  Ok this is how I see it:  My room has been turned into the workshop of a serial killer cannibal.  There I said it Zander, now go string it up at Pj's house!  If you don't, I will put gloves and a mask on ender and he will be more than delighted to yank the meat down and throw it in the trash.  Beware of me and my little minion!

I love you!  Happy Anniversary!

a happy couple spending a summer in the emerald embrace of junipine.  you can hardly notice it, but if you look closely, we are standing on a cliff  and are about to jump and begin our out of control free fall into parenthood.  look at us!  So oblivious, so naive! 


Roxanne said...

Happy Anniversary, Leslie & Zander! It was so great to see you at church yesterday and wonderful to meet little miss Cora. May your friendship continue to grow as you traverse the challenges, triumphs, and blessings of life together.

Les is more said...

ah, thank you roxanne! i was so happy to be with my church family again. Good seeing you too!