Thursday, March 07, 2013

Tuesdays with Veronica

I know two Veronicas.  One is a jealous, backstabbing comic cartoon who cannot make her mind up between Archie & Reggie (and you can just forget about Jughead).
The other is a polished mother, ex-archaeologist, mod glam (did i just make that term up?), dog groomer, builder, crafter, & hamburger lover, with Spontaneity being her middle name. 
And I have immensely enjoyed her company during the postpartum moratorium of my "normal" "bustling" life.
She makes me lunch, holds my newborn, is gracious with my two year old, and doesn't seem to mind that our Tuesdays are planned and not spontaneous. 
this is her tike Niko.  Him and & Ender get along so well when they are not hitting, screaming, or pushing each other.  :)  This is the little dude that warmed ender up to the idea of wrestling as a form of fun.  Ender tends to be a bit particular about his personal bubble.

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