Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The morning light and I are becoming well acquainted again. Its peaceful to see it caress cora's chubby cheeks. (oh, nice alliteration, leslie!)
in the first few weeks of cora's homecoming, the start of the day would be really rough.  i would need to nurse her, but ender would be very grumpy and needy.  I found myself waking to feed her first, making sure she is in some comfortable state,  go get ender up out of bed because you could always count on him wanting to be held and cuddle him until the baby cried again or I just couldn't push breakfast out any longer.  it was tricky and annoying :)
but now, i can get ender up before nursing her and bring him in bed with us.  he kisses her good morning, brings his books and milk in bed, or "tidies" cora's things for me.   This time is quickly becoming the best way to start my day. 
Thank you Jesus, oh my, thank you


f-less-africa said...

Saw this band last night and they played this song and I thought of her :)


Les is more said...

yes! i have her a song now. thanks arica. I was seriously losing sleep over this.

Heather Kinkel said...

love, love, love this. motherhood truly has its sweet moments.