Monday, March 10, 2014

All around, Ender is hedged in with an amazing family.  Aunt Katie and Uncle Pj took the boys one Friday.  The end goal was for the kids to slumber party over night, but...I knew it wouldn't fly with Ender.  Thankfully, we're neighbors with these two goons, so I just planned on staying up watching romantic comedies until they brought Ender home.  I bet he would make it to midnight, well, he out did it by a whopping 15 minuets!  That's my boy!  I was pleased to tuck him in his fort bed at 12:15am with his pirate booty he commandeered from whatever adventure they took them on.
Its fun sending Ender out into the teeming world.  He is like a net scooping up all sorts of the bizarre and wonderful.  Throughout the next few days, while his mind is still fresh from his travels he unconsciously shows me all that he has collected.  Language, songs, and desserts are just some of his souvenirs from "abroad".  I'm mostly pleased, though, that he doesn't make the trek alone because its the bond of the travel mates that most blesses his life.

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