Monday, March 17, 2014

 Ornery! Ornery! Ornery!  A sassy, opinionated gal, loves exploring, getting messy, climbing in small spaces.  She'll still slap the stupid off your face if you irritate her.  I'm patiently waiting for her verbal language to kick in so I can try and reason with her.  Ender, he's strong willed, but dialogues with you.  He's willing to play because he knows a lot of the cards in the deck.  I do believe Cora is a different bird altogether.  She is set in her ways.  However, she is such a happy, social creature too and loves to join in any one's jubilation.  I think she would rather be shown what to do than convinced (ender).  ??  Its all speculation, really.
The first bloom of the Oklahoma.  I had the hose and was watering another rose bush when I noticed out of the corner of my eye, Corzilla, creeping over to the eye catching red.  At perfect sticky finger level, she didn't hesitate, and began ripping off petal after petal.  Realizing, I was too far to save the flower entirely, I yelled and sprayed the hose at the little monster.  Oh man, such a bad idea, in more ways than one.  As a wave of guilt washed over me, a wave of anger passed over Cora and she screamed and started slapping the rose.  As the velvet petals hit the ground one by one, she didn't release me from her "don't you even dare" stare. 

There are two things Ender will drop everything for:  Reading a book and jumping in front of the camera, especially when the camera is aimed at Cora.

Ender's shirt is off and we're in the backyard, he pipes up,
"when my things grow then I will give milk"
I respond, "no, you won't give milk, only mommy's can.  daddy doesn't give milk does he?"
Answering correctly, "no...... but I think his things will grow and then he will."
To his daddy "Your breath smells like trash"
To his mama" Your breath smells fresh, like air"
"dear Jesus, thank you for taking Cora out of mommy's tummy"
Some Ender trivia:
What 1 song has Ender sung EVERY SINGLE night for the past year and a half?
Answer:  Away in a Manger
My fault.  Christmas of 2012 I wanted him to be prepared for his Christmas program at church.  I was over enthusiastic about him learning Away in a Manger.  It only took a few nights of dramatic hand motions accompanying the lyrics and he was addicted. 


Mo said...

Bwahaha at the milk comment. I think to solidify it, you need to find someone with moobs and show him they don't give milk.

Inappropriate? Maybe. Concrete? Certainly.

Les is more said...

just take it to a whole new level mo. :)