Saturday, April 26, 2014

Painted: An Adventure in Stop Motion Body Art


 "I could really get into body painting.  We should take a Saturday with the kids and do body paint, then take naps"- Zander

On the spot I came up with this elaborate story that would require the
focus and patience of a brain surgeon in active combat.  They wouldn't
last 5 seconds. Zander thought painting everyone's alter egos instead.


as Corzilla- pleasures in the destruction of small block cities and
pinching unsuspecting victims till they scream. (I'm not sure this is
her alter ego as much as it is true identity)

Ender as a Born-Again-Goliath - biggest baddest evangelical Christian

Leslie as a contortionist in Cique du Soliel

Zander as Wolfman- Um.. His choice.  Mine, well, Dog the Bounty Hunter

More inspiration.....

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from mel said...

oh, les.
these posts.
i just LOVE your writing.