Thursday, May 01, 2014

the jean jacket

 I didn't think Zander could get much happier.  I married him (ha!) I bore him two of the orneriest children, but it was another female dog (thats right I can be one of those too)  who sealed the deal and made his family complete.  A dog, specifically Gunther, truly the sweetest, tamest German Shephard you might come across.  Yes, he has destroyed my lavender, thyme, black button beauties, ender's flip flops, eaten his poop multiple times, nips at tiny bits of my skin (I think him and Cora are in cahoots), muddied my pretty dresses, steals Cora's pacifiers or receives them as gifts from her (again, in cahoots), chews on outdoor furniture, paints our white doors brown, attracts flies, phew, I can keep going, but I know Zander is reading this and is getting a little peeved.  But wait!  After all is said and done Gunther is healing.  He gets me out of my head, out of the world I live in where I have crowned myself queen of selfishness and predictability.  He is a constant companion to my days at home.  Such a loyal friend and he's just 4 months old. 

 Zander looks on with concern...........for the dog.

Communication at its best.  I think she wanted an orange.  If I guess wrong she slaps me in the face.  I have become pretty good as guessing/dodging the corporal correction.

**Uh, Um, Oh my.  I just realized I called Gunther a she. haha.  I was getting caught up in the moment of calling myself a female dog.  Gunther is quite the boy, I assure you. 


from mel said...

oh this was HILARIOUS! zander must truly be the alpha, huh? if john reads this he is going to CONVINCE us to get a dog! ;)

Les is more said...

Hey! As long John promises to be the puppy's mama (basically that entails doing everything for the rascal until he is pretty much self sufficient) I'd say YES GO FOR IT!! Dogs are such a blessing ;)