Friday, October 03, 2008

boyce thompson arboretum

I forced my parents to go on an outing with me using timeless tactics Strategic moves involving whining, stamping feet, pleading, and a little manipulation thrown into the mix,(not at all a maturity digression). off we sped! to the boyce thompson arboretum. Oh, but once we were there, those kids had a great time.
Mama dappled into prickly pear:
cream cheese,
smoothie &

They had a class on how to harvest and pamper your palate. Just in time, dad's belly was starting to use my own timeless tactics against me. sheesh!

the living room of a family of 5 who cared for thompson's land.

An herb garden. cilantro. garlic. onion. peppermint.

The queen palo verde's emerald smooth limbs.

A palo blanco. ethereal. z is deeply enchanted by it. And there is a blue palo verde. And zander and i want them all to live with us.

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